Image: Shufflesome packagingImage: Handmad 02 and the grainImage: Shufflesome in the kitchen
Image: Shufflesome in the kitchen
Tools. Sticker design: ABSTRACT by CABINE. For more impressions, visit
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made for iPod (2005–2009)

Shufflesome stickers

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What can I say, a sticker is a sticker. The story of my journey through the print shops of the world in search for a printer who can entertain a painstaking quest for nano-milimeter detail and color-precise perfection is probably more fascinating than you think. To cut it short, visit to see the results.

“… seriously cool stickers.” The Free iPod Book 3.0

“closer to the artsy/classy end of the scale than the tacky/blingy end,…” WIRED

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18.908 stickers sold
11% of orders from people who returned to buy more
46 countries served (Europe: 62%, USA: 31%)
17 resellers in 11 countries participated
47 collaborating graphic artists worldwide
79 designs made for iPod shuffle (1st generation)
61 designs made for iPod shuffle (2nd generation)
29 designs made for iPod nano (3rd generation)

Statistics as of 2010-04-16.

Graphic artists - the fine and the rogue

The Shufflesome cast is a healthy mix of big and small illustrators, hit-and-run artists, come-what-may clowns, stealth fighters, and highly visible figures. Jeffrey Docherty, Dr. Alderete, Olka Osadzinska, Steve Simpson, Momorobo, …and many more.

Little things make a … difference

“Ich freu mich riesig. Die Farben hast Du super hinbekommen und sogar die Details sind zu sehen. Das ist ja echt unglaublich schön” — Anita in Hamburg, Germany

“I did get them, and they look GORGEOUS!! I've been getting compliments all over” — Rebecca in New York, USA

“It's Wonderfull! thanks a lot!;-)” — Fransceco in Italy